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Online registration of your trademark in Russia

Online Patent will help you protect your trademark in Russia with the assistance of qualified Russian patent attorneys. Online communication with Rospatent will help you minimize time to get your trademark certificate.

You can easily get started with your registration right now, if you already have an application in another country or have just decided to protect your mark in Russia. Just fill some online forms below.

We will accompany your application in all steps from submission to Rospatent to the decision:

2 to 10 business days
You fill out an application online. We check it and send it to Rospatent.
You get the first certificate for your trademark application from Rospatent. Here onwards, nobody will be able to register the same trademark in Russia.
10 to 14 months
We monitor the progress of your application in Rospatent.
Rospatent carries out the examination of your application. We will help you to deal with any Rospatent questions.

If you have any questions - just contact us now!
2 to 4 months
We send you your Russia trademark certificate.
Rospatent registers your trademark and publishes information about it on an official bulletin.
Since this moment, you will have an official Russian trademark and protection of your brand on Russian territory.
  • Preparing and filing of the application. Online-checking of its status.
  • Preparing and filing of the application.
  • Full preliminary examination of your trademark.
  • Full preliminary examination of your trademark.
  • Preparing of responses to any letters or objections from Rospatent.
  • Preparing of responses to any letters or objections from Rospatent.
399$ + state fees ~180$
799$ + state fees ~180$
1299$ + state fees ~180$

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